Saturday, December 10, 2011

Describing Me Perfectly

I'm thinking of something that describes every moment in life,
like it was actually there and knew exactly how you felt.
It also knows how to cheer you up or inspire even.
It's like that perfect bestfriend, one that will be there at a snap of the fingers
or the turn of the dial knob.
If you don't know what it is I'm thinking about,
then you obviously don't know me very well.
It's music. There is not a song that I listen to,
that doesn't describe a moment of my life.
If it didn't exist, how would I express myself?
What would the world be like?
Music turns tears of sadness into joy
Anger into happiness
Or even happiness into anger.
Ideals can be spread around the world.
Whole movements have been inspired by that one song that hits home.
No matter what style you are into, music unites people.
And isn't that what everyone wants.
To be united,
No disagreements,
No war, Only peace.
No bloodshed, no casualties

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Crumpling Clock

Where did the time go?
It feels like just yesterday that we were
holding hands, feet in the sand, sun making our shadows dance.
We are now confined to the life of a free thinker or a logical one,
whatever you look at it.
Now my life is being tested by time and will
Sometimes it feels useless to resist or sometimes even try.
You sit there in your chair, blank eyes, staring into the
nothingness of your computer screen
thinking about how you got here and whether you can move on?
"It's time" said the white rabbit.
He takes my thand and leads to me to the end.
I close my eyes and breath the air
I look out

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Discovery

So she finally found out about the secrets of secrets
Funny how she finds out during a bonding experience,
Like talking and eating together.
Be merry
Its the holidays already,
Time to bake and spend time with the ones we love.
Why don't you leave some cookies for Santa and
carrots for the Reindeer.
Time to sing some praise of some higher power
or that's what your suppose to
Well one thing is for sure,
I'll be spending time with loved ones
and the only thing I want is you at my door
on a snow storm
hot choco in hand.

Life Currently

So here is my first post on my blog enjoy :)

Reality, Fantasy,
Fantasy, Reality.
Sometimes they intermingle
Like you don't know how to go about dealing with your daily activities
Nor do you know how to make your dreams a reality.
You go your whole life thinking your going to be this big shot success
But then you realize later down the road that life just sucks sometimes.
It seems that as you go down the road of your schooling, life decisions get
Harder and more Complicated.
Pressure rides on your back and whispers in your ear:
"You are a loser if you don't try your hardest"
Then when you fail, you feel like a nothing,
Just drifting like a leaf in the wind.
Not going to make a difference no matter what you do,
Or how hard you try.
But when you think that there is NO hope and your down on your luck
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel,
NO matter how long it is.